Whether you call it the Clinton Global Initiative or the Clinton Foundation, either way I call it Hillary Clinton’s attempt to fundamentally change the United States into a Marxist society through the use of foreign money. Don’t you find it strange how often a Hillary Clinton organization is connected to powerful foreign influencers? I do. The latest connection to Hillary Clinton and her leftist comrades appears to be to an organization called Arabella Advisors. This organization is at this time publicly led by Indian national Sampriti Ganguli, but was founded by Eric Kessler of the Clinton Global Initiative who appears to remain a powerful influencer at the organization through his Board of Directors seat. You can find out more about those running Arabella Advisors here. Prior to being in the Clinton White House, Eric Kessler was a Field Director at the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) where they make this claim, “We influence policy, hold politicians accountable, and win elections.”

Like many leftist organization, the word “Conservation” as used by the LCV represents a reality which is the complete opposite of the word’s meaning. In this case, “Conservation” appears to mean, ‘Leftist Environmental Activists’. The LCV Board of Directors is a who’s who of those who use the left’s chosen false narrative of “Climate Change” as a conduit to institute leftist political will in the United States. I digress. In April, the public face of Arabella Advisors will apparently change to Rick Cruz. One can only ask, is the public face of Arabella Advisors changing because of the recent negative attention Arabella Advisors has been getting from Americans demanding election integrity and the end of foreign influence in America? This report by shows that Arabella Advisors is clearly a supporter of Democrat (Leftist) ideals, however because Arabella Advisors is a non-government foreign organization, its political lobbying efforts are not subject to mandatory financial reporting under U.S. law. And what other leftist “Dark Money” groups who are trying to corrupt our Constitutional Republic do Arabella Advisors fund? Here is a short list: Demand Justice, SixteenThirty Fund (1630 Fund), North Fund, Hopewell Fund, New Venture Fund, The Lincoln Project, just to name a few. Are there any former Demand Justice employees in the Biden Administration? Yes, there are several including Jen Psaki. Is Demand Justice involved in influencing elections? See here and make up your own mind. Take a look at this page from the Arabella Advisors website. Do find it interesting that the funding map on the page shows that the great majority of funding from Arabella Advisors stays within the United States? Why would that be? What organizations are funded by Arabella Advisors? And, who is Arabella Advisors funded by? The truth is, unless groups like Arabella Advisors tell us, we don’t know. Did Arabella Advisors and their “Dark Money” contributors completely fund the leftist group Black Lives Matter (BLM) during the riots and mayhem that BLM sponsored throughout the United States in 2020 with complete Democrat Party support? Again, we wouldn’t know had Arabella Advisors not proudly listed BLM on its website page. Currently, the only limits on foreign influence in our elections comes from the limits placed on individual and Political Action Committee (PAC) donations as found under the Federal Election Campaign Act (FEC) and limits found under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). Non-government foreign entities attempting to influence elections in the United States have no such requirement to report their efforts to anyone, thus these efforts remain hidden, as “Dark Money”. On a side note, though not widely known, Legal Permanent Residents (Green Card Holders) in the United States are considered U.S. persons and although they can live in the United States permanently taking full advantage of our society there is no requirement that they swear allegiance to the United States. In fact, they even retain their passport from their own country and are able to renew it at their country’s embassy and consular offices within the United States. Shockingly under current laws, they even have the legal right to financially contribute to a United States political candidate. It is time to end this madness. It is only common sense that we as Americans end these “Dark Money” loopholes that allow foreign financial influence on our election process! We must demand our representatives immediately create laws that make it illegal for any non-United States citizen or organization controlled by any non-United States citizen to provide any financial benefit to any individual or organization which will be used to financially benefit any political candidate or political organizaion in the United States; and, to insure the consequences for breaking such laws are severe. REMEMBER THE STEAL!