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REMEMBERTHESTEAL.COM is first and foremost and educational website. We will provide access to documents which support a historically correct history of the United States election process, as well as the history of election fraud and manipulation in the United States, and the applicable laws and constitutional guidelines relating to elections and our Constitutional election process. To access this part of our website, click on the EDUCATIONAL section.


The world must never forget the events that occurred leading up to, during, and after the November 2020 United States elections. These events are filled with egregious violations and manipulations of the United States Constitution, our election process, and our election laws. COVID misinformation in the media and statistical manipulation by those in our own government played a very large part in causing this travesty to occur. We all witnessed these events as they unfolded, but we were not given the facts surrounding these events, as unscrupulous political actors, within government, the media, and Big Tech, used their influence to blur and cover-up these crimes and manipulations. The Twitter Files and the Durham Report have shown much light on the  realities of how deeply entrenched nefarious actors are within our own government and our national media system confirming much of what we at REMEMBERTHESTEAL.COM have been publishing since our inception.  I invite you to  read the evidence that is clearly available publicly which we have housed for you in our EVIDENCE section.

REMEMBERTHESTEAL.COM will continue investigate all allegations of election fraud and manipulation that we can uncover. Unlike our government, the media, and Big Tech, we at REMEMBERTHESTEAL.COM believe that you…CAN handle the truth!

Although REMEMBERTHESTEAL.COM was formed as an educational site to provide education on United States elections and the election process, we also want REMEMBERTHESTEAL.COM to be beneficial to free and fair elections throughout the world. Citizens, regardless of their respective countries, should always be able to rely on the sanctity of their election process. Election results should never be in doubt. In this regard, we at REMEMBERTHESTEAL.COM welcome all citizens of any country to participate and be part of our movement. Your vote is your voice in the election process and should never be silenced when that process has been, or is being manipulated.

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