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Constitution of America, We the People.




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Discussions on the 17th Amendment and our Republic - The beginning of the progressive left's (Marxist) takeover of the United States. Taking the selection of Senators from each State as a whole, and giving control of electing Senators to the large population centers of a State, disenfranchising the majority of the State. Not what our founders intended.


History - Voter Fraud and Manipulation

History of Voter Fraud and Voter Manipulation - Links to voter fraud cases and evidence. - History of Voter Fraud in the United States  - History – Great Article with numerous links to allegations and truths.  - History relating to Ruthaford B. Hayes election. However, the Washington Post includes is own propaganda bias against President Trump. What is the articles purpose? To tell the truth about election fraud history, or to demonize President Trump and detract from legitimate claims of election fraud during the 2020 election?


Ballot Harvesting - A currently legal way to commit voter fraud because it is unprotected and unregulated. This must change!  - Ballot Harvesting – Understanding the Risk of fraud and manipulation.  - Did Ballot harvesting corruptly swing the 2018 California Orange County elections? It appears so.


Mass Psychosis - Propaganda and Brainwashing   Cool Hand Luke (1967) - The Captain's speech, “What we've got here is failure to communicate"  Mass Psychosis video.  How to Create a Pandemic of Mental Illness.


Censorship and Media Manipulation   Censorship – Germany and YouTube.  The Era of the Fake Crisis – Fascism

COVID - Mandates violate your Constitutional Rights

History of Force Medical Procedures  - Nuremberg Code Outlaws forced medical procedures including vaccines. Have we not learned from the horrors of Nazi Germany?


Your Constitutional Rights to Refuse Medical Treatment and Not to Speak   - Constitutional Limits on Emergency Powers.  - Legal Right to Refuse Medical Treatment in the USA.  - September 16, 2021 – States Attorneys Generals letter to President Biden regarding unconstitutionality of vaccine mandates.  - October 13, 2021 - FDA Approved Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine not available in the U.S. violating – Law requires FDA approved vaccines for mandated use.   - Who is liable for adverse reactions to COVID vaccine mandates?  - Experimental drugs cannot be mandated under the law.   - January 7, 2022, No Supreme Court ruling yet on Constitutionality of Mandates, though the Court is expected to rule these mandates as Unconstitutional.   - Senate Blocks Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Private Businesses.