It still amazes me daily how the American people have sat by and let Big Tech and the National News Media Complex cover-up one of the biggest scandals in American politics ever…the Biden Family Corruption. In October 2000, prior to the 2020 Elections, the New York Post broke the Hunter Biden Laptop story, although there were many events leading up to the Hunter Biden which should have caused major criminal investigations into Joe Biden and his family’s corruption. One example of these events occurred during a January 23, 2018 Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) conference where Biden admitted his intervention to force the removal of a Ukraine’s prosecutor who was calling for the investigation and potential prosecution of Hunter Biden and the corruption at Burisma. For context you can find the entire CFR conference video here. On March 24, 2022, Larry Kudlow interviewed former Senior Advisor to President Trump Stephen Miller who explained the Biden criminal corruption and demanded a Special Counsel investigation in order to determine the details of the corruption and the levels of involvement of Big Tech and the National Media Complex in the cover-up. The question remains, “Did the corruption stop with the Biden family, or were high ranking members of the Obama Administration and other previous high ranking political officials in the United States also involved?” The evidence is so overwhelming now and so likely to produce criminal convictions do the the evidence produced during Special Counsel John Durhams ongoing investigation that in an attempt to preserve any semblance of credibility even the New York Times has had to admit that they were wrong and the laptop in question really was Hunter Biden’s laptop. The reality is that the New York Times purposely lied to the American people and should be held accountable as explained by the New York Post here. However, the bigger problem is that a large segment of American have shown they just don’t care. Can America ever hold itself accountable for allowing this corruption to continue to occur? Can our children ever recover from the last two years of physical and mental abuse? Only time will tell, but unless ALL Americans demand the truth and punish the entities that tell us lies, the United States is doomed to destruction from within. Our children deserve more.