It is time for people of the United States to adopt not just a “Go Woke, Go Broke” policy, but a policy of boycotting and publicly shaming all individuals and entities who support Anti-American, Anti-Constitutional policies. We must no longer say we are against something to our friends, then turn around and justify that which we are against by financially supporting it.  For instance, a little over a week ago, chose to end its 2-year relationship with T-Mobile due to T-Mobile’s choice to institute a completely unconstitutional policy of requiring all its employees (if they wanted to continue to be employees) to be vaccinated or be fired. chose to deny T-Mobile any funding and chose to instead to switch to Patriot Mobile. We encourage all T-Mobile customers to do the same. Until it becomes overly shameful and overly unprofitable for entities in the United States to chose to support Anti-Constitutional policies, organizations, and political figures, nothing will change. We have the majority and we have the votes, but more importantly… We HAVE THE POWER OF THE POCKETBOOK. It is high time we use our power in a fashion they cannot take away from us. It’s time to make them suffer where it counts; in their bank accounts. Create your own boycott lists and make sure you tell your friends what you know. Don’t assume everyone knows what you do. It’s time to make them pay the cost for choosing Wokeness over American Constitutional freedoms!