TWITTER FILES – Direct evidence of a criminal 18 USC 241 – Deprivation of Rights Conspiracy

When Elon Musk first told the world he was buying Twitter, there were scores of corrupt people, on the Left, in the political Establishment, in the Main Stream Media, and in the United States government, who started to get very uneasy. When Elon Musk backed down from buying Twitter because of claims that the value of the company had been illegally propped up, these people became very relieved. Then, the friends of these people in the Main Stream Media began publicly attacking Elon Musk for backing out of the deal, perhaps in an attempt to “put Elon in his place” for disparaging the Main Stream Media starting back in 2020. They thought they could send Elon Musk cowering away. And, again, this group of corrupt people smiled and laughed. But then something very unexpected happened. We may never know why, but perhaps Elon Musk got wind of the fact that Twitter servers contained a treasure trove of evidence of crimes against the 1st Amendment rights of numerous Americans by this corrupt group of people. Perhaps it was just coincidental luck, but regardless of the reason, Elon Musk did the unexpected, he decided to follow through on his takeover and purchase of Twitter. Musk and did this so unexpectedly and quickly that this corrupt group of people had no time to stop it. Perhaps, this was Elon’s plan all along.

Elon’s first act was to fire all the people in management that were part of this corrupt group, except one, Twitter’s Deputy General Counsel and Vice-President of Legal, and former United States government official James Baker. Did Elon do this purposely to allow James Baker to use his company email address to provide further communication related evidence? Perhaps. But regardless of why, shortly after the initial firings, Elon Musk did what this corrupt group of people feared he would, Elon Musk began publicly releasing treasure troves of evidence of a wide-spread 18 USC 241 – Deprivation of Rights Conspiracy in what is now known as “The Twitter Files.” To date, there has been four (4) separate Twitter File releases. In   every releases, there is enough evidence to show a criminal conspiracy took place and put people in jail.

The Federal statute, Title 18 USC 241, clearly defines that once a government official and another person, whether in government or out, “agrees” to perform any overt step towards committing an  “overt act” in furtherance of depriving an individual of a Constitutional Right, then the violation has occurred, and is fully prosecutable under United States Federal Law. Unlike other conspiracy violations which require an Overt Act actually be committed, under Title 18 USC 241, only an agreement to commit an overt act is enough to be prosecuted under the statute.

The problem is this: The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) led by Attorney General Merrick Garland would have to indict individuals on charges of violating 18 USC 241, and there is a great possibility that some of the people that would be prosecuted, perhaps Garland himself, are controlling the DOJ and will be until perhaps the new Congress, or a new U.S. President inaugurated on January 20, 2025, puts in place procedures to remove these people from their government positions. Regardless of this possible eventuality, Musk must not stop the continued release of the evidence. We must continue to have a very public release of the evidence, and people must go to jail for what will be known as the greatest political crimes to have ever taken place in the United States. If you think this is unreasonable, just consider that there is likely enough evidence to indict all 50 intelligence officials that conspired to shutdown the Hunter Biden laptop information from being release to the American public prior to the November 2020 elections. At the very least, there is enough evidence for the new Congress to impeach everyone of these officials as soon as the new Congress is in session.

In releasing the Twitter Files, Elon Musk also has taken a proverbial “shot across the bow” of the Main Stream Media by completely shunning them from the Twitter File releases by releasing the files through independent journalists Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss. No one could describe either of these independent journalists as a “Conservative”, and perhaps this is specifically why Musk chose them. Like in war, this shot across the bow is a warning to the Main Stream Media to cease and desist their corrupt anti-free speech  actions and change course. Only time will tell if this warning will be enough, or if Elon Musk will have to use the Twitter platform to sink them all.

Although we do not have the specific documents released by Musk to Taibbi and Weiss, here are links to show what Taibbi and Weiss have spoken about publicly thus far:

Twitter File 1, Twitter File 2, Twitter File 3, Twitter File 4.

In addition to the above releases, we now have evidence showing that Arizona Secretary of State (and now Arizona Governor Elect) Katie Hobbs conspired with an official at DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CIS) and Twitter to shut down free speech on Twitter related to elections.

Since our inception in December 2020, even before this website was up and running in December 2021, we at REMEMBERTHESTEAL.COM have been publicly stating that Constitutional Rights of Americans were being violated and that these violations were occurring through the use of Big Tech. We initially voiced our concerns through the online app PARLER. But soon after, when PARLER was taking a huge market share away from TWITTER, Parler was shut down through what, at the time, appeared to us to be a conspiratorial violation of Constitutional Rights by a group that included Twitter, Amazon, Google and Apple. Subsequent to the its shutdown, Parler filed an anti-trust lawsuit, but that lawsuit that was shut down by U.S. District Court Judge Barbara Jacobs Rothstein. Parler is now back up and running, but it is nothing like its former self. Perhaps Parler should seek evidence in the Twitter Files which would support reopening its civil case? Will the Twitter Files now show that government officials were involved in the shutdown of Parler and provide more evidence of violations of 18 USC 241? We shall see.

By the time this chapter in America is done, it is our view that Elon Musk will be known as a hero of our American Republic, and the “Twitter Files” will have replaced the Watergate Tapes as the greatest evidence of United States government corruption ever. And, hopefully, those in the American and world public who laughed at our claims of Constitutional free speech violations, will wake up from their intellectual slumber and realize that they are the true victims of these crimes; and they would have known about these crimes very early on had the people that control the Main Stream Media, their talking heads, and trusted U.S. government officials, not been party to the violations.